Changing plans …

We've been living in our new house for two months now. It feels like every day's vacation. Occasionally still a bit surreal, but what a very good choice this has been. I've always felt the turmoil of wanting to live in another country. That turmoil has now gave way to a sense of happiness and tranquility. I'm right here. I love the people here, the nice way of life, the great friendships that we have already built and can decide for yourself what you want and what you don't want. This can be about the day-to-day things, but also about the future plans.

That's how we found out that we really appreciate this quiet life. We have therefore made a big decision: we are NOT going to rent out. Certainly not to strangers. The tower room is available for friends and family, so is the caravan, but we are not going to build and rent out a guesthouse. The concessions we have to make, the restriction on our freedom, the unrest for the dogs (and restrictions and pay attention if there are tenants with dogs) are not worth it to us.

Of course we like it when friends come and people with campers and caravans can always get a place here, but the nice thing about that is that they then have their own garden / deposit and that we can only have fun, instead of having to pay attention all day. It all sounds very selfish when I read it back like that, but we've worked hard all our lives and taken care of a lot of people and now it's our time.

Funny thing is, it's a relief to both of us that we made this decision. Now we don't have to worry about investments, guest accommodations, renovations etc. But can we just enjoy the house as it is now, with or without a swimming pool (because we haven't finished that yet).

In the meantime, I gave my first private dog training classes and that gave me a lot of energy. The nice thing is that you can really help people here, because there is no dog trainer in the wider area. So owners happy, I'm happy. And we still feel like we're doing something useful …We will officially start training with dogs on a small scale from 1 May. The name of our new "dog school" is Munchanga's Dogtraining and I have already received many requests.

We're only going to offer private lessons for puppies, adolescents and adult dogs and some balance and coordination. If there's a lot of interest, we're going to give hoopers, something they don't know here yet. We're NOT going to give agility….

Furthermore, our life here at the moment consists of a kind of holiday. We rummage around the house, walk a lot with the dogs and eating out is fortunately allowed here and we make a lot of use of that. You eat a daily menu of 5 courses here for less than a tenner, and since cooking is not my hobby, we can be found a lot in Pinoso. There are 53 restaurants, so we should all try them out anyway…. We eat here in the afternoon because here too are restrictions due to Corona, at 6 pm the restaurants have to close.

Furthermore, we do not notice a lot of the Corona measures here. Except for that horrible face mask, he's got to be on the street. And now I read that as of 1 April, a law has even been passed whereby a face mask on the beach and in nature is also mandatory. Now we've never seen a cop on our walks and we always have one with us, but I think that's a thing. I can already see people lying on the beach with such a warm patch on your face…. Pfff

There are few infections here in the Valencia region. Funny to know is that the restrictions here are much less than in NL (except on street face masks), all shops are open here, and therefore also the catering industry, but there are therefore many and much fewer corona infections than in the Netherlands……

Vaccinations do not go so fast here, as in the Netherlands, but if it is all right Alicante will come in April and we will have to believe in it…… Hopefully we can travel a bit "normal" by the end of this year.

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