How the adventure began …

We have already made some new friends in the (almost) 5 months we are here in Spain. Very nice and also important, in a country where everything is new and different.

The funny thing is that these friends don't know anything about our history in a completely different life. And of course that applies to them just as well, we too have to 'get to know' their past. Often you know the most important things in the meantime, from children, if necessary. grandchildren and what they have done for work in the Netherlands or Belgium. Nice to get to know each other in this way, and so there is always enough conversation material.

What we do notice is that the new friends without dogs, or with just one or more domestic dogs, find it quite special that we: 1. So many dogs have and 2. That we had spent our whole lives in the Netherlands on it.

People have no idea who we were and what kind of life we had for Spain. A life full of dog things, both our work and our free time consisted of competitions and events.

A few times they asked me to make my blogs "back in time". In other words, how we lived in the Netherlands, how our plans for Spain came about and how different it is now.And I think that's a very nice idea!

In addition, I was asked by the new owner of Hondenschool Lingewaard, to write a piece about the origin of the dog school 22 years ago and how it developed up to the sale. This is to place on the new website.

The funny thing was, I had a lot of trouble with that. Writing down 22 years in one single page, that was a bit of a thing. I just couldn't do it for the first few days. I had to go through a rollercoaster of emotions before I even got anything "on paper". Because gosh, when I think about it now, a lot has happened in those years and especially the last year (Corona year) it has been really chaos. That will also be one of the reasons that I still feel like I have a long holiday here in Spain…..

So, without needing a psychologist, I think it would be very nice to go back to the (near) past in the coming blogs, and write down our entire adventure. For me, I think this works well to experience it consciously, and for you it might be nice to read, because there are many people who have absolutely no idea about our "previous" life in the Netherlands.

For now: we are increasingly finding our way and rest here in this blissful country. The weather is finally as we expected and hoped, around 25 degrees and a lovely breeze. Almost everything in and around the house is almost ready (although there are always wishes of course), the beautiful new carport has been placed and it is now waiting for the electric bikes, so that we can also explore the beautiful surroundings in this way.

I started dog school last week. Very nice, but geez, translating some terms into English, it produces hilarious moments. Some kind of hints, because what the hell is "tongues" or wagging in English….. so I portray it, and my students shout what it is, great funny….. Anyway, the first lessons were a lot of fun and above all grateful and the students were enthusiastic, and I came off the field full of positive energy. A good choice!

The state of emergency here in Spain will be declared on 9 May, and we hope to finally be able to cross the border with Murcia, in order to explore the beautiful surroundings. To give a picture: we live about 500 meters from the border between Valencia and Murcia, and we are not allowed to go there. So we always have to take into account where we are going shopping or want to go, so that we do not accidentally cross the border. Because crossing the border without necessity can result in a fine of 600 euros, and the control is strict. We were stopped a few times here, and then luckily we had good reasons (and had to go home alone, while the police were still in Valencia), but it remains a thing.

Murcia has many red rocks

However, it is one of the few really nasty measures that still apply here. The other is the face mask duty. What a drama…. Especially now that it's getting warmer and you have to run errands with that thing on your head is really horrible. Here you also have to wear a face mask on the street, even when walking in nature and on the beach. However, we quite often encounter police walking and then do not wear a face mask, and fortunately nothing is ever said about it …

Furthermore, the measures here are less and less strict. You can receive visitors (max 3 families), you can eat out (with max 6 people at the table) and the shops here are open until 10 pm.

Carl had his first vaccination this week and I hope it's my turn soon too. That is all going quite smoothly here, because we, as recent residents, did not really expect to be called up properly, but that is the case. You're just getting a call here. I think the Dutch Government can learn something from that.

That's it for once. Next blog will be a piece of (recent) history. Have fun reading everyone (and very nice that I get so many nice comments and that you appreciate my blogs!!!)

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