Dog Training

In the Netherlands we have been the owner of a large dog school for over 20 years. Every week, more than 400 students trained with their dogs with our 18 instructors.

We love the job and because there is also a lot of demand for dog training here in Spain, we decided to provide training here on a very small scale as well.

Puppy training

If you want to (properly) socialize your puppy, you want to understand your puppy well and train and raise him/her in a positive way, then you have come to the right place. Both private lessons and very small group lessons (after corona) are possible. We are going to teach you the language of your puppy and we will give you the tools to get started at home to make your puppy a socially skilled four-legged friend. Of course you can answer all your questions and we will offer the training as much ‘tailor-made’ as possible.

Cost: 20 euros per half-hour lesson.
Stripping card: 6 lessons for 100 euros. This can be private lessons, but you can also get together and share the cost of course.

Carl – Hoopers Training

Adolescent training

Do you have a young dog and does it seem to have bananas in his ears because he’s in the middle of puberty? Even then you can come to us. We are going to help you understand your adolescent dog and provide it with the right guidance to get through this difficult period together. We are going to do fun, active exercises so that your dog learns that working with you brings it more than cross adolescent behavior. Here too we think it is important that you have your own input and because we also train here in private lessons or duos, there is a lot of room for that.

Cost: 20 euros per half hour, strip card 100 euros for 6 lessons.

Adult dog obedience training

You can also contact us for this. Do you like to just tie the loose ends, do you have specific training goals or points of attention? We will work with you so that you can work with this at home. Please note: we are not qualified behavioral therapists, so with real problem behavior you can NOT come to us, but we would like to refer you to a qualified behavioral therapist

Cost: 20 euros for half an hour of training, strip card 100 euros for 6 lessons.

Balance and coordination

As with humans, it is very important for dogs to move their body in the right way. Muscle building and balance in it´s body is extremely important here. Whether you have a puppy, or a senior, a sports dog or an overweight dog, this training is a lot of fun to do, but you learn a lot about your dog’s musculoskeletal system. We are going to do a lot of exercises with balance cushions, different surfaces and caveletties. But there will also be exercises that you can practice at home. Balance and coordination is a speciality of Marielle. Because Carl and she have always done dog sports(agility) at a high level, she thinks it is very important that a lot of attention is paid to good muscle building and stability in the dog body.

All dogs are welcome, exercises are adapted to the age and construction of the dog.

Costs 20 euros per half hour, strip card for 6 lessons costs 100 euros.

Balance and coordination training will also occasionally be offered in workshops, then you will spend an entire morning or afternoon in small groups (after corona).


Hoopers is a sport that is already widely practiced in the Netherlands, but is still quite unknown here in Spain. It is suitable for any dog, however, your dog is not social to other dogs, it is important to take private lessons only, because the dog must be separate from the line.

The intention of hoopers is for the dog to complete a trail with hoopers (semicircular arches) through which the dog runs, tunnels, barrels and “gates”. The owner steers the dog remotely as much as possible, so does not have to run with him as with agility.

Hoopers will not start until around June as we have yet to purchase all materials.

All training sessions are given at our home.

Registration form

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