The surroundings of Pinoso are breathtakingly beautiful and varied. In the rolling valleys you will find olive and almond orchards and there are also many grapes for the wine. The city is also known for its marble mines, where precious rock is still extracted. Around Pinoso there are several nature reserves, where you can walk, cycle and mountain bike.

In February all almond trees are in bloom in the wide area and the valleys are an oasis of pink and white splendour.

Pinoso itself is a very prosperous town with more than fifty restaurants. There is also a theatre, the wine and marble information centre and a library. Pinoso has a cosy ‘boulevard’ where you can stroll.

The health care system is well regulated. In the vicinity you can visit several bodegas and even a wine musuem. Tasting is part of it!

The language in Pinoso (El Pinós) is Valencian, but also Castellan (Spanish as it is spoken nationwide) is easy to use. The website of the municipality is in these two languages, but also in English.